Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pittsfield Cyclocross Youth Cycling Series - Week 1 Results

A total of 43 riders competed in the series opener on May 30th.

Races take place Thursday evenings on the Pittsfield Common at 6:30pm through June 20th.

For further details see: Pittsfield Youth Cycle Races.

Strider/Multi wheel

  1. Benji Dahari
  2. Megan Tucker
  3. Ronald Johnson Jr.

Six and under

  1. Juan Emilio Bedard
  2. Eric Harrington
  3. Brandon Paris

Seven and Eight

  1. Brady Mickle
  2. Santino Arienti
  3. Brendan Ward

Nine and Ten

  1. Henry Eustis
  2. Ryan McNeil
  3. Ian McGrath

Eleven and Twelve

  1. Anthony A
  2. Xavier LeBeau

Free For All One Lap

  1. Henry Eustis
  2. Santino Arienti
  3. Anthony A

Slowest Wins

  1. Santino Arienti
  2. Brendan Ward
  3. Lennox Silvestro-Dias

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